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An app for everything. Sounds good, right? But while it might be OK for your phone, it’s actually a catastrophe for enterprise organizations and public sector agencies.


After 40 years of taking an “app-centric” approach, most are now realizing that buying or building an application for every use case has become a major threat to their ability to deliver new technology and ensure that Data Privacy.


So how do the World’s largest organizations escape the “app trap”?


“The End of Applications” is a riveting talk that explodes popular conceptions of how technology should be delivered and reveals how leading organizations are already laying the foundation for a future of greater agility and data security by adopting technologies that  give them back full control of their data.


Audience Profile:

  • Sector: enterprise, Public Sector

  • Roles: IT, innovation, strategy, security, governance, compliance, and C-suite


Key Learnings:

  • How an "an app for everything" has left organizations without any control of their own data

  • How bold new designs, modelled on the human brain, offer a radical new approach to enterprise data management

  • How the “collaboration” paradigm offers a solution to hybrid human-system-artificial intelligence User Experience

  • How true Data Privacy can only be delivered when we find ways to stop making copies of data

  • How new approaches are simplifying the introduction of AI-based insights and decision-making within existing tools and systems

  • How the goal of a data-lead organization can only be achieved with a truly inclusive data management platform

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