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It's time for data to fall out of love with apps

Remember, the app was never meant to be an end in itself—it was just a channel for delivering capabilities and data. The app was the wrapping; what it carried inside was the gift. Yet somehow, the sheer volume and diversity of new releases have ensured that the “app” is the dominant feature of the digital era.

At least one source claims the Apple app store now has 2.11 million apps—and that stunning number ranks a distant second behind Google Play, which offers 3.3 million. Enterprise, SaaS and cloud apps aren’t far behind; in fact, the average enterprise uses 1,400 of them. 

So what’s the problem? Shouldn’t we welcome more choices that bring more capabilities with more data?

No, and here’s why: The battle for supremacy in business will be fought on the front lines of data management. Data is the true engine of every business and the most powerful weapon in the C-suite arsenal.

So, to let data reign supreme, we need to fall out of love with apps.

My goal is to make data central to the organization. With this level of data-centricity, applications don’t require data silos and integrations, and there’s no need to copy data. The data is the network—it’s managed in a way that reduces the need to build and maintain point-to-point integrations.


This strategy sets data free. It exists outside systems and applications, enables better governance, accelerates the creation of metadata, and helps us better understand the enterprise.

We all talk about how data is the crown jewel of corporate assets. With a truly data-centric culture, that adage finally comes true.

Dan DeMers Cinchy CEO Finovate Spring 20

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About Dan DeMers

I’ve spent my life working in data, the least glamorous, most important part of the tech-driven world we live in. That includes over 11 years overseeing technology as a VP and SVP at Citibank and several years operating one of Toronto's top IT consulting firms.

Every business, every application, every modern person relies on data, and yet the way we manage it has remained fundamentally unchanged since the first operational database was created back in the 1970s. No matter how new and exciting a piece of technology is, it’s still working with a data model that’s over 40 years old.

To me, that’s a significant challenge for developers and a huge barrier to data governance. And that’s why I created Cinchy. It's also why I serve as President of the Data Collaboration Alliance nonprofit. 

It's my mission to reinvent the way data works, and the way organizations work with data, to make it easier to control, more collaborative, and ready to support the global shift to data-centric innovation.

About Cinchy

Cinchy is leading the next tech revolution to help organizations gain simplified, streamlined, and authorized access to data. Cinchy provides the world’s first comprehensive dataware platform that unlocks data from enterprise apps and connects it together in a universal data network.

Developed for real-time data collaboration, Cinchy Dataware Platform addresses the root cause of data fragmentation and data silos, eliminates the cost and need for time-consuming data integration, and mitigates risks of data duplication.

With Cinchy, midsize and enterprise organizations gain agility to accelerate digital transformation, reduce the time and cost to build applications by more than 50%, decrease project delivery risks, improve data governance, and enable effortless sharing of quality data across systems and users.

The company has been named a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Company to Watch, a "Top Pick" at TechCrunch Disrupt, and a Top Growing Canadian Company by The Globe and Mail. 

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